Radiant Studio (previously operating under a different name since 2012) is driven by our founder, Pongky Nataatmaja. We love imagery and helping our clients achieve their marketing goals to improve their awareness with their own clients or customers.

When clients first speak with us on the phone, they are greeted by a friendly American accent, this is because Pongky has spent his formative years growing up in Maryland, USA. Before moving to Melbourne, he formed another media services company in las Vegas called VegasProStudios. Earning his stripes in a city that has myriad types of events and competitions, he has covered weddings, professional sporting events (horse jumping, bull riding, football, rugby, tennis), collegiate sports, auto shows, conventions and concerts.

Pongky has a knack for capturing memorable images and is not shy to direct others to setup a key shot for that killer final result.  While his demeanor is friendly and sometimes laid back, he will stop at nothing to get the image in his mind.  He has had a camera in his hand for 20 years, and is adept at finding interesting angles for shots that others might miss.

With a strong foundation in photography, we are able to provide cinematic visuals in the film medium as well.  Just check out our sample videos to see the types of productions we deliver to our clients. We love moving images as well!

In addition to doing work in Victoria and New South Wales, we have done production for clients in various locations such as the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai and Japan.

In order to give back to the community, we love to help with non-profits or organisations that are in-line with our social views and ethos.

Pongky Nataatmaja

  • Founder of Radiant Studio
  • 6 Years media production experience
  • 17 Years graphic design and web experience
  • Previously founder of VegasProStudios


To provide comprehensive creative visual media services to clients while surpassing expectations and delivering high-impact results.


Experience & Creative Expertise

We have been producing results for clients for over 15 years and know business and creative requirements to deliver your images in an efficient and creative way!  We strive to produce images that will blow you and your customers away, increasing your visibility and awareness.

Bottom line is: we love to do what we do.  Let our work speak for itself.

Communication is Key

From the beginning we will be in constant communication and if we are a right fit for your needs, we will meet and discuss the deliverables, scope and your business requirements. Every step of the way we are reachable via telephone, email, sms, or skype so you will always know the status of the project.


When we give you a timeline and budget, we will stick to it so there are no hidden surprises when working with us. If for any reason things get hairy, we will let you know well in advance there will be a very strong reason for any changes to the time or costs.

In our years of doing this, we have a pretty good handle on what is required for each project and let you know of everything up front.


We will:

  • Be there on time
  • Deliver on time
  • Ask for questions and clarifications
  • Answer phone calls, texts and emails in a timely manner

Comprehensive Services

When you engage with us, we keep everything under “one roof” so you will only have one point of contact for all the services, so you can focus on what’s important: the message or story you are trying to tell your customers.  We will take you through the whole process from concepting, production and delivery so you are always in the loop.

Attitude Check

Don’t let our laid back and friendly attitude fool you, we will get the work done – but why not have a little fun along the way?

At Radiant Studio we shoot with a complete set of gear based around the Canon 5D Mark III system and we also operate a second camera which is the Panasonic G7 with 4K capabilities.  We strategically use a GoPro Hero 4 for special cases.  We use sliders, stabilizers, jib cranes, multi-point lighting and softboxes to give your images that unique high-production-value look.

Other supporting gear we use are Sennheiser wireless lav microphones, shotgun microphones, fluid head tripods, external audio recorders and monitors.  We can fill a whole car’s boot with this stuff!

We deliver photos in full camera resolution (22 megapixels) and for video we supply clients with full 1080p (FHD) resolution clips.  The resulting video clips are usually accompanied with a royalty-free soundtrack so our clients can show the video anywhere without worrying about copyright issues.

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Interested in working with us? Call us at 1300 90 333 0 or drop us a line using the contact form below!