Radiant Studio is excited to add another service to our array of tools to help our clients create unique images — this time challenging gravity by taking to the skies to give a different view of the world.

We are registered to fly drones with CASA and are preparing the final requirements to fly drones legally in all states of Australia. We know the rules of drone flights to protect ourselves as well as our clients from any potential legal issues that may arise.

Drones taking flight in early 2017

Remote drones are used to capture footage such as:

  • Aerial photographs of real estate properties and land blocks
  • Overhead or rising footage for a cinematic look
  • Tracking shots of vehicles and people
  • City overview look to set the scene

The advantage of using drones:

  • Removes the need for tall poles to allow for a high camera platform
  • Very easy to setup and shoot
  • Recent stabilising technologies make drone footage much more smooth and usable
  • Allows for unique footage that other video production companies cannot match